Design and implementation solutions

After the first visit to your place, we study to meet your needs. We look at each project separately and offer solutions that are reliable and cost-effective.


Installation of lifts

The technicians of our company are well trained to carry out the installation of any type of lift and machine. User safety comes first for our firm. We comply European and Greek standards. We deliver reliable materials from the European and Greek markets. The installation of the lift is guaranteed up to five (5) years of use.


Upgrading lifts

The repair and renovation of old elevators is a very important task for us and a necessary procedure for their safe use. We apply the community directives of the European Union and Greek laws to find solutions suitable for upgrading your lift whether it concerns aesthetic changes (cabin, doors, etc.) or its functional parts.

  • With the repair - renovation of your lift we achieve:
  • Greater level of safety for users.
  • Quality in operation and aesthetics.
  • Energy saving (by installing a control panel with inverter etc).
  • Ability to certify and legalize the lift.


Maintenance of lifts – (West Macedonia Greece only)

We offer after installation care for the lift at the best prices. By assigning maintenance to our office, you gain warranty extension for the mechanical parts of the lift (new constructions).
Maintenance on a monthly basis includes all necessary actions for safe movement of users, proper operation of the mechanisms as well as intervention in case of damage (visit - check - repair if no new spare parts are required) or rescuing trapped people in elevator car. Also, consumables needed for maintenance (lubricants - cleaning materials) are price included.
We offer maintenance services for all lifts manufacturers as well as for all manufacturers of lifts (of Greek origin or other countries).


If there is no space inside your building but the need of covering elevation differences is great, we offer lift solutions out of the building with or without a metal shaft in any dimension required. Our company can give you the solutions you need.


Once a new installation is completed, the initial inspection and certification of the installed lift or machine is followed. In cooperation with a company certified by Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD, we offer you the initial inspection, certification, and periodic check that confirms use safety and is required by law.

During the inspection, the inspector engineer examines all the safety features of the lift (or machine) and notes observations for materials that need replacement due to wear or aging. It also notes the replacements to be made to ensure that the lift complies existing laws and provides security for users. Once the remarks have been restored, the inspector is able to issue the certificate stating the details of the lift (or machine) as well as the expiry date of the certificate.