About Us

More than 50 years of experience

Our technical firm was founded in 1974 by Nikolaos Apostolides in the form of a general partnership and in 2001 it is transformed into an individual company.

The main activities of the company are design-installation and maintenance of lifts throughout West Macedonia- Greece. Apart from the private projects the company undertakes, is also involved in public tenders for the maintenance and installation of lifts. In 2003, participates in a tender for the replacement of the Elevators No 3 & 4 Boiler Unit of Kardia SES in PPC SA in the region of Kozani, the company wins the contest and implements the project.

At the same time it deals with the maintenance of the lifts at PPC plants in the area. In 2010, it undertakes the upgrading of the other elevators of the Kardia SES and the maintenance of the lifts at the Meliti SES in Florina-Greece. In 2011 the company takes its current form under the name "G.N. Apostolidis and Co. G.P. ".

It consists of trained personnel - technicians as well as a Diploma Mechanical Engineer. The company has all the legal permits for the maintenance of lifts as well as the elevator installer. Due to the projects and the many years of presence in the field, the company has gained extensive experience in construction and knowledge in old and modern lifts.

Our Principles

ETHICS: We follow ethical business practices.

HONESTY: We build honest relationships with our customers.

KNOWLEDGE: We attend seminars, visit international exhibitions and we are in contact with our suppliers to keep track of the latest technology and products.

SAFETY: We transfer our customers safely.

QUALITY-RELIABILITY: We believe in quality materials and services because,  quality and good installation means trouble-free operation, quality and good maintenance drives to reduction of fualty elevators.

COST: We strive to satisfy our customers' needs with innovative solutions at the best possible price.


The company consists of trained technicians as well as a Diploma Mechanical Engineer. Knowledge has been transmitted through our multiannual presence from the older executives to the newer and more cumulative with the development of technology that makes us full at all levels.

Our Projects